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A woman looks at her computer screen wondering what she should do to update her site.

3 Painless site updates you can do today!

Empty windows do not attract customers.
A photo of a store front used to demonstrate boring display.

Here’s the scene: you’re strolling down main street, window shopping for widgets. You’re presented with two stores, one with a dusty, empty storefront, and another with a brand new open flag and attractive window display. Whether or not they sell the same widgets, the majority of us would gravitate to the clean, modern store. I think you see where we're going with this.

Updating doesn’t have to be an overhaul! By focusing on the content of your site, you can make big changes with just a little effort. Here we’ll talk about three simple ways you can refresh and improve your website today.

Interesting and updated display windows do!
A photo of a storefront used to demonstrate what eye catching displays are.

1. Include your history, but don’t be “old news”.

Everyone knows the old adage ‘No news is good news’ - but not so when it comes to your website! It’s certainly beneficial to have a robust history of press releases and news stories, but when was your last update? If you’re latest and greatest is six months or more old, it’s time to publish something. If you’re stumped for topics, write a round-up of important or notable events in the last year, or choose a client or employee to highlight.

2. Are you playing hard to get?

Is your contact information available on every page of your website? It should be! You want to make sure there is absolutely no obstruction that will keep your visitors from contacting you. Prominently display your phone number or email so customers can easily get in touch. Mobile and tablet users especially will appreciate not having to dig through an entire site – the harder to find what they need, the faster they’ll bail.  

3. Review site content like a visitor.

Critically reviewing and updating your core content is an uncomplicated way to refresh and revive your site. Copy and paste the contents of your site into a word document, and closely review the text. You could also ask a friend or colleague for their feedback. Are your services pages focused and easy to understand? Are the description of your company and what you do up to date? How old are your photos? Even if there haven’t been any recent sea changes, periodical updates to your ‘static’ site content signal an active, involved web presence.

Changes to your site don’t have to painful, and you don’t have to do them all at once. Choose one page a week to analyze and update, or spend 15 minutes a day writing a press release or newsletter. Just make sure you’re keeping the front window of your store clean and inviting!