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"Mobilegeddon" is Here. Are You Prepared?

In order to keep your website successful, it is important to keep it current. This includes keeping content fresh, adhering to current SEO practice,  and especially, keeping up with the trend of going mobile. With 60% of Internet searches being done from a mobile device, not being mobile friendly is causing you to miss out on potential web traffic. In addition to missing out on potentially higher traffic, a more pressing reason to go mobile friendly is the arrival of ”mobilegeddon”.

What is Mobilegeddon?

Phone with mobile friendly site on itIt is no secret that for the past few years, Google has factored mobile usability of websites into their search rankings; giving mobile friendly sites, better rankings. However, how Google determined what ‘mobile friendly’ consisted of has been a mystery, until now.

Tuesday, April 21st, 2015, marked the release of the Google Algorithm change known most commonly as “Mobilegeddon”. With this release Google has actually provided a guideline on what they consider to be “mobile friendly”.

The Impact:

Over the next few weeks this algorithm change will roll out and begin to start impacting mobile Google search results. What the “mobilegeddon” algorithm change will do is give a boost in Google search engine rankings to the websites that are deemed mobile friendly. This change will ONLY impact Google search done on a smartphone. Google desktop and tablet searches will not be impacted.

What This Means for Your Website:

If your website is not mobile friendly according to Google’s standards, you will experience a drop in mobile search engine placement rankings. The exact negative search result impact on non-mobile friendly sites is not yet known, however, Google has been trending towards improving mobile search over the past few years.

The bottom line is, mobile is here, and it’s leading the industry. It is in each of our best interest to be sure our sites are mobile friendly.

We Can Help!

We recommend that even if you have a mobile friendly version of your website, that you revisit its design to make sure that it is fully compliant with the new standards. Local Link can:

  • Help you determine if you website is mobile friendly in regard to Google’s new standards.
  • Edit your current site to be a responsive, ‘mobile friendly’ website - in-line with Google's standards.
  • Fix any number of issues regarding your current mobile compatibility.

For more information on mobilegeddon and how to get your site within the new mobile friendly standards please contact us at [email protected], or call us at 603-433-1158.

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