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Results with Social Media & Comcast Spotlight

Analysis: CoolStream

Exeter Science and Entertainment came to Local Link with the existing company CoolStream; a seller of Bluetooth audio devices. CoolStream had worked diligently to develop their logo and focused a great deal on working with the manufacturers to have the right products for their brand. Prior to contacting Local Link, they had a website developed by a third-party and an storefront. 

CoolStream’s website received poor traffic with high bounce rates (the percentage of visitors to a particular website who navigate away from the site after viewing only one page) and their online-sales were minimal. Though they had a well-established logo, all other aspects of their brand were under-defined. Their target market was also largely undefined. Local Link determined that the primary problems stemmed from their website’s presentation, a lack of brand identity and an overall lack of exposure.

At the time of this campaign, the client was reluctant to make changes to the website. As this was the area that Local Link felt was creating the largest challenge, Local Link adjusted their approach and goals to produce the most positive outcome, regardless of the limitations.

The goals to be met were:

  • Increase overall Social Media reach
  • Drive Social Media traffic to the website*
  • Promote CoolStream’s brand and refine company image
  • Identify target market
  • Utilize paid Advertising to Northern MA audience to drive holiday awareness and sales

*Part way though the campaign, CoolStream wanted to promote their storefront over their website.

Local Link posted to CoolStream’s Facebook three times a week, each weekday focusing on a different target market to help identify what had the greatest reach.

A Friday Ad

On Mondays: Local Link utilized testimonials and their strong customer following to give credibility to their products. Customer story narratives and/or conversations were written and posted with a graphic of the product discussed. These narratives utilized the stories provided by CoolStream and, if necessary, re-worked to give it a more engaging voice.

On Wednesdays: This nostalgic approach was designed to appeal to the ‘hump day’/looking forward to time off with loved ones, mentality. Images and advertisements were created with a more wistful feel. These included the “retro” ads or images of children with gifts and as well as family-friendly imagery.

On Fridays: The content and design of these posts were targeted to appeal to a more ‘adult sense of humor.’ These were funny/quirky images of larger ‘bikers’ with the tiny dogs, fuzzy men and over-sized teddy bears, etc. Each advertisement was developed to be more ‘fun’.

Additionally, all postings were also posted on Twitter, uploaded to Pinterest, and were also supplied to the client for future use.

Local Link created a couple of additional images featuring a package of products that could be won by clicking on them and entering information into a form. Local Link ran two Facebook campaigns: 12/02/14 – 12/09/14 and then a second one, creating more urgency from 12/09/14 – 12/16/14. The goals of this campaign were to not only drive traffic and for them to win a prize, but also to draw awareness that could lead to non-winners returning and purchase the items.

Banner advertising was placed with Comcast Advertising on Xfinity in Boston, Newton, Lexington and their surrounding areas, was run from 12/02/14 – 12/17/14. 

Banner advertising was placed with Comcast Advertising on in Boston, Newton, Lexington and their surrounding areas, was run from 12/02/14 – 12/30/14.

Additionally, minor Branding on the website was preformed, only to supplement the campaigns. Branding occurred on the Social Media Networks including profile pictures and cover photos.

  • Web traffic to increased from around 45-70 visits per day to around 120-190 visits on most days. A nearly 300% increase in traffic. 
  • According to Google Analytics, Facebook drove a great deal more traffic to the website from 11/22/14 – 12/16/14.
  • Average Twitter traffic to the website has steadily increased from around 50-70 visits per day to the range of 150-190 visits on most days. Some days even higher. Again, a nearly 300% increase in traffic.
  • The Facebook Page received 15 new Likes.
  • Facebook Advertising exposed people to CoolStream 16,468 times and provided nearly 500 clicks through to the website.
  • Comcast Xfinity Advertising exposed people to CoolStream 255,280 times and delivered nearly 70 clicks.
  • Comcast exposed people to CoolStream 90,000 times and delivered more than 100 clicks.
  • A 500% increase in sales off of the website was recorded from 10/01/14 – 12/09/14 as compared to the months leading up to Local Link's involvement.
  • A more than 16% increase in sales was recorded at Amazon from 11/01/14 – 12/31/14 as compared to the months leading up to Local Link's involvement.
  • Males, age 35-54 with a history of interest in music were the target demographic.
  • Though the family and funny images made and impact, the images that showed the greatest results were the ones that included testimonials.
This campaign was a success across the board. All goals were met, most with impressive results.

Local Link’s blend of creative, technical, and marketing background gave CoolStream the edge that holiday season with a custom multi-leveled approach that helped to identify both the brand and promote sales.