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Hosting Puts It Out There
Our Cloud Makes It Scalable

Your organization has hosting options. There have been banners, emails, and Super Bowl ads showing you a few of these. Local Link offers more than your out-of-the-box hosting, we offer comprehensive solutions and that's what makes us Your Tech Team. Through use of our own equipment (we do not depend on outside resellers), our clients experience greater than 99% up time, reliable state-of-the-art infrastructure and scalability options to meet their companies changing needs. They also enjoy a person answering the phone if they have a question or need support.

For some clients, we primarily host their website with email. For others we've expanded this into their own cloud allowing for streamlined communications and management. Talk to us; you may be surprised how many ways custom, personalized hosting can make a difference to your organization.



Define Your Cloud

The cloud enables collaboration. Having your own customized cloud can bring it to a whole different level. With secure, customized options available to you, your organization can collaborate, be mobile, save time and money, and keep current with less overhead. Backups and updates are done by Your Tech Team to make sure the cloud you build continues to meet your needs. Local Link clients often host their QuickBooks, Office Suite, Documents and files, and Intranet on their cloud. We offer a variety of levels of co-management and support. Contact us to learn what virtual solutions are best for your business. 


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